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Flexibilisation, too few specialists and the on-going ageing process are having a huge impact on the future of businesses worldwide. Technological developments and the influence of social media are also changing how organisations operate. Working independent of place and time is determining the future at certain levels. Organisations are now increasingly willing to look beyond their own national borders.

The challenges of the current climate and the economic situation mean that more and more organisations are taking a strategic look at their workforce and policy for the long term. This involves analysing both the permanent personnel and the flexible shell – of today and tomorrow. In order to do this properly, you need the right people and the right knowledge. In many organisations, personnel-related data is available. Such big data can play an important role. Having access to the tools to decipher that data is therefore essential for effective strategy planning.

HR intelligence
HR and Recruitment can play a major role here. HR and recruiting professionals now need to apply more HR intelligence: measuring, optimising and using all the available personnel data. Workforce planning and measuring talent management ROI are no luxuries. Make everything measurable. What is my employer brand (value)? At what level of interaction is my social media recruitment strategy successful? And: with how many suppliers do I work worldwide? What are the various preferred suppliership agreements, hourly rates and contract forms? The success of the chosen strategy must be measured. Most importantly, there must be good understanding of the current situation.

Massive growth MSP and RPO
In reality, embracing HR intelligence can mean being confronted with hugely complex data. There is a growing demand for data structuring, good flex employment arrangement and optimal recruitment management in terms of costs. As a result, the demand for MSP, RPO and VMS solutions also rises. When such solutions are used in an organisation, internal and external analyses and openness regarding the business are essential. If we compare demand in the market of three years ago with current demand and expected future demand, we can conclude that companies have made a conscious choice to outsource their recruitment activities, with or without the streamlining of their own recruitment process with a VMS or ATS solution. However, we are now seeing a rapidly growing demand for combining MSP and RPO solutions alongside the blending of VMS and ATS technology, i.e. the blended desk solution. This enables you to create a real one-stop shop for filling both permanent and temporary vacancies, but also for your employer brand and social media strategy.

Optimum cooperation
Outsourcing recruiting, selection, inflow, project management and employer branding does not mean relinquishing control. The cooperation between organisation, suppliers, technology, analysis and high-quality recruitment specialists should result in a strategic long-term vision.

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Jurgen Jaarsma
Jurgen Jaarsma
Director Hays Talent Solutions THE NETHERLANDS
Jurgen Jaarsma is Director Hays Talent Solutions in the Netherlands. He joined Hays as Recruitment Consultant for the banking sector and successfully built up a specialism that offers solutions for flex employment in big banks in the Netherlands including Abn Amro, Rabobank, ING and Royal Bank of Scotland. Since 2010, Jaarsma has been responsible for Hays Talent Solutions (formerly Hays Resource Management), marketing outsourced recruitment services. Hays has now implemented several very successful programmes for clients and the demand for these solutions is growing rapidly. Hays Talent Solutions focuses on innovative MSP, RPO and VMS solutions.

Ben Alger
Hays spoke to Ben Alger, Business Unit Leader for Semiconductor & Technology to gauge his thoughts on  finding the right talent...
"89% of the placements we made last year were through recommendations from other engineers"
"The two most important factors for organisations today are productivity and cost effectiveness"
Quanta Consultancy Services Ltd., established since 1992, specialises in placing professionals on a contract basis around the world. Their three main areas of business are Life Sciences, Renewable Energy and Semiconductor & Technology. They currently have around 300 temporary professionals working with clients across five continents.

What are your top priority challenges at the moment?
BA: The biggest challenge is being able to continuously find and generate new talent as we want to drive markets within our business. We do this through networking, headhunting and gaining recommendations from engineers within the industry. For certain sectors and technologies, there are definitely skill sets that are becoming rarer, making them harder to find for our clients.

How do you source this top talent?
BA: Today lots of individuals use LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. These social networks are great sources for recommendations, referrals and headhunting opportunities. Currently, 89% of our placements come from the recommendations of other engineers. Delving into the ‘passive’ jobseeker market via referrals and networking brings up some strong and exclusive candidates, which we supply to our clients such as the Hays MSP desk at NXP.

Talking of which, how is your collaboration with the Hays MSP desk going?
BA: Very good. The cooperation with Hays in terms of substance and performance is right up there with the best. The Hays professionals are experts, very knowledgeable about their sectors and they really understand what the job descriptions entail and the competencies required. We have a very open and transparent relationship. Of course, it helps that Hays is very well established within NXP, so they know the business inside out. Working with an MSP framework means budgets are available and the organisation is ready to bring that person on board.

How would you rate the general performance of the Hays desk?
BA: Overall I would rate it as very good. That is in part due to the integrity, honesty and openness mentioned but also working with a dedicated Hays point of contact makes life so much easier, not to mention the Hays Vendor Management System (VMS), which very easy to work with. If you agree and follow the rules from the MSP desk, you can have a very positive and fruitful relationship.

Finally, how do you see the world of work shaping up in the future?
BA: I see a greater demand for temporary workers and for project management skills. Today, it’s still about winning contracts and taking products to market or products to make. Organisations will need to hire people with very specific skills and working with contract professionals affords them this flexibility. Therefore, I see a growing demand for RPO and MSP functions, resulting in cost and time efficiencies that will provide increased productivity levels. The two most important factors for organisations today are productivity and cost effectiveness.

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This calculation is based on experience and is an estimate of potential savings. However, no rights can be derived from the calculation provided. A more precise calculation of potential savings requires detailed, organization specific information and is depending on more factors than the 5 taken into account in this tool.


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